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112/365 days of music

guess it’s been a long time i don’t even know
guess we fell in love when we tried to take it slow
oh i can even tell you by the way we touch
there’s a lot of things that are dangerous
and i just wanna see if i can make it on my own
all my friends are telling me i’m different from before
well maybe i just need a little space to think
spend some more time doing my own things

White LieJhameel

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George Michael, I’m sure that Egg is a very nice person. I just don’t want you spending all your money getting her all glittered up for Easter.

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111/365 days of music

Talk is cheap, my darling
When you’re feeling right at home
I wanna make you move with confidence
I wanna be with you alone

Said help me help you start it
You’re too comfortable to know
Throwing out those words
Oh, you gotta feel it on your own

Talk Is CheapChet Faker





The Indispensable Genius of The Far Side

My favorite comics.

They were/are still one of my favorites. 

The Far Side has always been one of my favorite comics and this is exactly why.

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One Gif of Shawn and Gus Per Episode || Season 2 || Episodes 9-16 ||

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Remember when someone called me perfect today? Probably the highlight of my life.

Not even sure why anyone would call me perfect though. Sort of weirded out and slightly offended.

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Anonymous asked:

you're perfect.

*blushes* thank you!

110/365 days of music

I have not been writing that many new songs
How I wish I could stay longer, how I wish I’d never gone
And you have not been writing me as often as I wished
And sometimes I think I left you just to see if I’d be missed

And I saw my fortune scrawled out up against the wall
In a crowded marketplace in a town I can’t recall
And the teller told me that I would be young and I would fall
And my new friends all assured me that it all was surely false

And back at home you found religion in a dirty crystal ball
In the back of a dollar store in that shopping mall
And I found religion out in San Cristóbal
Now I feel that I’ve come far enough to give you a call, give you a call

San CristóbalMal Blum